How to get an e-Residency card?

How to apply for an e-residency card
Written by Dmitri Schmidt
Updated 1 year ago

To get an e-Residency card, you need:

1. Prepare the following documents: 

  • a copy of a passport from the government authority of the client's country (the document should be in English)
  • passport photo
  • Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card

2. Go to the police department's special website: and do the following

  • register an account
  • fill in the application form (about half an hour)
  • pay the state fee (100-120 euros depending on the card)
  • choose where you want to receive the card (list of locations by country

3. Wait for the Estonian Police Board to approve the application. This usually takes 3-8 weeks.

4. Get the e-Residency card at the chosen location and have your fingerprints taken at the place of receipt.

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