How do I pay taxes on dividends?

Written by Dmitri Schmidt
Updated 1 year ago

The best way to pay is to use your company's personal account on the Tax Department's website -

Or use the reference number on the Tax Department's website ( In this case, be sure to specify the reference number, which can be viewed in the personal office of your company on the website of the Tax Department.

In the purpose of payment, specify TSD xx.2022 (where xx is the month of the dividend payment).

After submitting the TSD, we send all our clients a letter stating the amount of payment, due date, details, and enclose a return with a receipt stamp from the IRS.

You can also pay income tax on dividends before filing the TSD return, in advance. Methods of payment and payment details are the same. 

You can specify Dividend tulumaks or Dividend income tax on the payment order.

You can calculate the amount of Dividend Income Tax at the rate of 20/80 by yourself using our article "How to pay out the dividends".

You can also contact us to calculate the amount of income tax to be paid in advance by writing to Nola Accounting.

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